Inserto 50 Verticale Crystal Nordica 6kw

fireplace/ wood insert 70 Crystal ANGOLO 9.2kw vent.

fireplace/ wood insert 70 Crystal ANGOLO  9.2kw vent.

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fireplace/ wood insert 70 Crystal ANGOLO  9.2kw vent.

Extractable ash drawer - Hearth in cast-iron and Nordiker™ - Ceramic glass heat-resistant 750°c - Door in cast iron The product can be transformed with the glass side on the left - Adjustable primary and secondary air, preset tertiary air with post combustion system - Possibility to change by yourself the door opening direction from right to left

 Dimensions : 755x554x510 mm
 Net weight : 133 kg
 Hearth opening size : 540x224 mm
 Hearth size : 603x290x360 mm
 Smoke outlet diameter : 160 mm
 Hearth : Ghisa-Nordiker™
 Heatable : 263 m³
 Nominal thermal power : 9,2 kW
 Global thermal power : 11,8 kW
 Adjustable primary air : Si
 Adjustable secondary air : Si
 Efficiency : 78
 Hourly consumption : 2,7 kg/h
 Draught : 12 Pa
 Con. external air aspiration pipe : 120 mm (optional)

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Data sheet
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