Ungaro maia f classic copper fluenth 34kw

Ungaro maia f classic copper fluenth 34kw

Ungaro maia f classic copper fluenth 34kw

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Hydro pellet thermo stove with automatic combustion modulation for central heating. Fan-blown heated air. Kit for continuous domestic hot water supply (optional). Ceramic finish available in 4 colours, external glass door.

Height 1120 mm
Larghezza 600 mm
Profondità 580 mm
Peso 240 Kg
Finitura Ceramic

Copper Tube Bundle
Copper is a noble element and an excellent thermal conductor which has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. It is a durable corrosion-resistant material which does not manifest any significant alteration over the years. These reasons inspired Ungaro to choose copper as the principal material for our patented heat exchanger which now represents a recognized excellence for the whole biomass heating industry in terms of rapidity and efficiency.

Fan-blown heated air: two stoves in one
In addition to the rapid heat exchanger designed for central heating, some models have an additional tube bundle dedicated to hot air for the room of installation. Fan-blown heated air can be switched off if required; it is regulated by means of a dedicated temperature probe which manages the flow.

The Automatic Brazier Cleaner represents maximum comfort in the routine maintenance of the boiler by reducing the frequency of emptying of ash drawers. The mechanism automatically activates each time the device is started and cleans up the burning pot.

KLIMAWORKS® is the practical Ungaro system to adapt the boiler's operation to the specific climatic conditions detected by a special probe positioned outside of the premises. When enabled, KLIMAWORKS®  electronically regulates water temperature of the boiler and modulates heating capacity according to the outside temperature. It significantly improves heat comfort in the various rooms and at the same time reduces emissions and pellet consumption by up to 30%. KLIMAWORKS® acts on the boiler stove in a direct way thanks to the Ungaro heat exchanger design which ensures high thermal output over the entire performance cycle, from maximum power to reduced power.

Automatic System Inlet Air
is the exclusive Ungaro system which automatically adjusts the air intake and adapts boiler’s function according to the quantity of fuel on the grate and the air flow in the combustion chamber. The boiler automatically regulates combustion to achieve the best balance possible between combustible material (pellet) and comburent air (oxygen). This allows us to reduce pellet consumption, gas emissions and routine maintenance. Automatic system Inlet Air is automatically activated in real time without interrupting the combustion process.

Easy maintenance
Double or single ash drawer for residues from the combustion chamber and exhaust fan inspection: clean your stove effortlessly
No Anti-Condensate System required*
Thanks to the high efficiency of the rapid heat exchanger, Ungaro products do not require additional and costly anti-condensation units.
*Respecting installation conditions and use specified by the manufacturer.

Heat input max kW 34,3
min kW 8,7
Nominal power max kW 31
min kW 8,3
Efficiency max % 90,5
min % 95
Power to water max kW 28,5
min kW 6,6
Power to air max kW 2,5
min kW 1,7
Pellet hopper   kg 40
Pellet consumption per hour max kg 7,1
min kg 1,8
Heating area   m2 270
Exhaust pipe Ø mm 100
Draft max Pa 12 
min Pa 11 
Air intake Ø mm 60
Water pump prevalence   m 6
Cold water pressure max bar 1,2 
min bar 0,8 
Expansion vessel   l 6
Domestic hot water supply (optional)   l/min 14
Power supply   V 220 
  Hz 50 
Energy consumption   Watt 175

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