ungaro la tonda glass 9kw

ungaro la tonda glass 9kw

ungaro la tonda glass 9kw

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Air stove with vertical heat exchanger and triple passage of exhaust gases.  Patented tube bundle cleaner. Easy cleaning of ash pans and tee pipe. Double door: a technical one to reduce thermal loss and an aesthetic one to enhance the flame. Users friendly LCD display and remote control, programmable ON and OFF for every day of the week. Possibility to connect a room thermostat. Metal finish available in 6 colours.

Height 1300 mm
Larghezza 500 mm
Profondità 500 mm
Peso 120 Kg
Finitura Steel

Tube bundle in stainless steel AISI 304
Easy Clean: easy maintenance
Double or single ash drawer for residues from the combustion chamber and exhaust fan inspection: clean your stove effortlessly
Forced air heating directly in the room of installation

Heat input max kW 8,7
min kW 2,7
Power to air max kW 7,8
min kW 2,5
Efficiency max % 89,5
min % 93
Pellet hopper   Kg 22
Pellet consumption per hour max Kg 1,8
min Kg 0,5
Heating area   m2 80
Exhaust pipe Ø mm 80
Draft max Pa 12 
min Pa 11 
Air intake Ø mm 40
Power supply   V 220 
  Hz 50 
Energy consumption   Watt 165

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