Flat cable depression sensor

Flat cable depression sensor

Flat Cable Circuit Board Extraflame.

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Original Extraflame flat cable vacuum sensor, depending on the production batch it may have a gray or black connector.

We do not accept returns of this item, considered wear material.

Long cable 950 mm.

Fitted on the following models: Divina, Camilla, Babyfiamma, Preziosa, Bella, Ecologica, Graziosa, Karolina, Esmeralda, Duchessa, Irina, Contessa, Delizia, Lucrezia, Falò, Rosy, Isabella, LP14, LP20, Comfort Plus, Silvia, Comfort Maxi, Comfort Mini, Comfort P80, Duchessa Idro.

However, please check if the sensor is the same as the one you need to replace in the stove, because in the models of stoves mentioned above it may have been replaced by other models.

The sensor is not under warranty because it is considered wear material, if you don't agree please don't buy it. The sensor is checked before departure, we only sell new factory sensors. Sometimes the part that controls it on the board is ruined so an expert technician is needed for a thorough check.

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