Motoriduttore 2RPM compatibile Extraflame

Gear motor 1.5RPM D9.5 mm compatible Edilkamin

Gear motor 1.5RPM D9.5 mm compatible Edilkamin

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Gear motor 1.5RPM D9.5 mm compatible Edilkamin

It requires control over external measures cause there may be variations. This gear motor  is NOT to be more larger than what you need to replace.

The shaft has a diameter of 9.5 mm. L 'tree has a length of 20 mm. The pack of the laminations of the motor has a thickness of 25 mm high efficiency, and 'equal to the old models with pack of 30-32 mm. Version hourly, you can 'order also in counterclockwise.

It will issue an invoice on request prior to payment only for amounts above Euro 50,00.

The motor has a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects only.

The transport is carried out in Italy with only prepayment via paypal or bank transfer. The transport is entrusted to BRT. If difficult to find given preferential schedules or change the delivery address.

Delivery 24/48 hours WORK.

Addresses without a house number are very difficult to deliver, and then 'better to provide an alternate address.

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