pk 20 boiler pellet nordica extraflame

PK20 Boiler Pellet La Nordica Extraflame

PK20 Boiler Pellet La Nordica Extraflame.

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PK20 Boiler Pellet La Nordica Extraflame.

Features:• Combustion chamber in thick steel • Fire door and brazier in cast iron • Shell and tube exchanger with automatic cleaning • Extractable ash drawer • Front pellet tank feeding • Self-cleaning burn pot (Brushless motor) • Ceramic igniter • Circulator with PWM control • Brushless gearbox for pellet feeding • Minimum pellet tank level probe • Combustion chamber probe • Thermal and pressure safety • Safety valve 3 bar • Expansion tank • Air relief valve • Output smoke outlet possibilities: rear, left lateral • Hydraulic connections at the top • Wheels to facilitate movement • Innovative adaptive system to adjust and even the combustion air inlet • Display black mask with Wifi module (Only for App “Total Control 2.0”)

Dimensions (W-H-D) 822X1400X745 mm

Net weight 295 kg

Efficiency 88,4 - 92,4 %

Hourly consumption 4,6 kg/h

Smoke outlet diameter 100 mm

Feed box total capacity 75 kg

Energy Label A+

Seasonal space heating energy efficiency 79% (ECODESIGN 2020)

Data sheet

Data sheet
Potenza Kw
Tipo di Combustibile
idro, termosifoni
Aria canalizzata
Diametro Imbocco
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