Silvia Stufa Pellet Maiolica Eva Calor 11KW

Giotto stove pellets Serpentine Eva Calor 12 KW

Giotto stove pellets Serpentine Eva Calor 12 KW

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Giotto stove pellets Serpentine Eva Calor 12 KW


Less clutter and more design with this corner stove

Giotto is a corner insert stove which comes with a hood and a base. The stove’s square design allows you to add your choice of nish. A capacity of 12 kW allows heating of spaces up to 270 m3, and the angle of placement, compared with a perpendicular position, gives a more even heat distribution throughout the room. Eva Calòr has designed an innovative system for loading pellets: the tank is positioned under the combustion chamber, just 50 cm from the ground, making it easier for the user when lling.


Total heat output: max 12 kW – min 3,7 kW
Nominal heat output: max 10,5 kW – min 3,3 kW
Efficiency: Pmax 89% – Pmin 89%
CO emission at 13% O2 (%): Pmax 0,012% – Pmin 0,053%
Pellet consumption: max 2,4 kg/h – min 0,7 kg/h
Reservoir capacity: 13 kg
Heatable room volume: 180 – 270 mc
Minimum distances from flammable walls: front side: 100 cm
Voltage / Frequency: 230V – 50 Hz
Rated input power: 410 W
Dimension: L 122,1 x P 68,9 x H 228,8
Weight: 264 kg
Cast iron heating chamber: Steel
Complies with: EN14785 - BImSchV II - 15a B-VG - LRV/VKF
Remote control: Optional: Included
GPRS module for switching on remotely: Optional
WIFI module for remote control: Optional
Fume outlet: Top / Rear

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